Bloodletter of Khorne

Bloodletters of Khorne are the daemonic foot soldiers of the Blood God Khorne. They are deadly warriors armed with Warp-metal swords known as Hellblades, great two-handed weapons that cut effortlessly though any armour crafted by mortals.

Action Points

A Bloodletter has 4 Action Points per turn. Since the daemon is unencumbered with Terminator armour, the Bloodletter may turn 90 degrees as part of the same action, at no additional AP cost.


Each Bloodletter is armed with a Hellblade, a weapon of the warp. The Hellblade grants the Bloodletter 2D6 in close assault. Additionally, when fighting a close assault to its front, the Bloodletter may parry an attack like a power sword.


Bloodletters are battle-crazed creatures of the warp. A Bloodletter must move to attack any opponent (Space Marine or Genestealer) within its line of sight. It may not take a guard action.


A Bloodletter of Khorne is a Lesser Daemon and does not fully conform to the physical laws of the universe. Although it wears no armor, its defense is the same as a Genestealer’s defense. Its form is also resistant to damage not caused by force weapons or psychic energy. When such an attack would destroy the model, the player is allowed a final 1D6 roll. If a 5 or 6 is rolled, a close assault is treated as a tie result and a ranged attack is treated as a miss. For all other die results, the combat is resolved normally.

Immune to Psychic Storm

The Bloodletter is so consumed by blood lust that it is immune to mental attacks. It is not affected by psychic storm.


Bloodletters have an initiative of 3.

Game Deployment

A group of 10 Bloodletters are intended to be a challenge for a standard squad of 5 Terminators or 30 Genestealers. Because they are enemies of both the Tyranids and the Imperium, they may be added to a game as a random element of chaos.

Game Statistics

A Bloodletter has a 47.6% chance of defeating a Genestealer in close combat.
A Bloodletter has a 74.2% chance of defeating a Terminator with a Power Fist in close combat.
A Genestealer has a 21.4% chance of defeating a Bloodletter in close combat.
A Terminator with a Power Fist has an 8.4% chance of defeating a Bloodletter in close combat.
A Terminator with a Storm Bolter has a 22.9% chance of destroying a Bloodletter on the first shot.
A Terminator with a Storm Bolter and sustaining fire with 3 shots has a 73.8% chance of destroying a Bloodletter.

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Bloodletter of Khorne

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