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This page describes the suggested modifications to the 3rd edition of the Space Hulk game.

New & Updated Rules

I. Turn Order

The Space Hulk game was designed for two players, one of whom commanded a force of Space Marine Terminators and the other controlled a force of Genestealers. Now with the expanded Forces List, additional players and forces of different types may appear in the game. Therefore, the static turns defined in the Space Hulk rules must be made a bit more dynamic. Each force receives a turn in order of the force’s initiative score. The player whose force has the lowest initiative activates that force first, followed by the force with the second-lowest initiative, and so on until all forces have had a turn. These turns are followed by the Mission Status Phase and then repeated. If two or more forces have the same initiative, the controlling players should each roll 1D6. The player with the highest roll takes his turn first, followed by the second highest, and so on. Any ties are re-rolled.

The revelation of the command point counter and the removal of markers are no longer performed during the Mission Status Phase. Instead, each player reveals his command point counter (if any) and removes the markers for which he is responsible immediately before the start of his turn.

Forces List

I. Chaos

A. Khorne

1. Bloodletter of Khorne

II. Imperium of Man

A. Adeptus Astartes

1. Space Marine Terminator

III. Necron

A. Necron Warrior

IV. Tyranid

A. Genestealer

Game Statistics

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